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Dealers Technology

“There is no secret to success – it’s just a matter of doing what you know works”

We know exactly what works and more importantly what does not work.

Dealers Technology’s trademark service includes:

4 STEPS of Slicing and Dicing and analyzing Dealer or a Dealer Group Operations

Sales, Service, Parts Operations

“STEP 1”


  • Analyze dealer and dealer group business outside-in like a customer.

  • Mystery shop each dealership from all possible angles.

  • Analyze dealership’s web sites for ease of navigation & functionality.

  • Analyze dealers’ online presence and reputation.

  • Analyze dealership’s online marketing efforts.

“STEP 2”

On-site Morning Session (Executive Management Strategy Engagement)

The Executive Strategy Session involves the presentation of industry leading practices. This session is the result of our incredibly successful practice.  This session is entirely customized to address the needs of your dealership or a dealer group. One focal point of the session is to target the daily challenges dealer executives face in today’s business. The session lasts for 90 minutes or longer depending on the size of the operations.  Dealers Technology addresses your issues in layman’s terms that anyone can understand the nature of this Internet beast. Before the end of step 2, Dealers Technology will share the best STRUCTURE, PROCESS AND AUTO MARKETING STRATEGIES with the attendees.

“STEP 3”

On-site Afternoon Session (Executive Management and Group Strategy Session)

 In this part, Dealers Technology trainer will share all the findings and compare them with the industry’s best practices.  These results are incredibly fascinating. Dealers Technology’s engagements are prepared in a manner to keep the audience absolutely engaged. These particular sessions are about the current business practices of the industry. These interactive sessions have been shown to increase the level of understanding about today’s business.

Knowledge is power, power provides confidence and this confidence instills a totally positive attitude and understanding among the team members of all levels. This session alone will inspire and improve higher sales with higher gross profit going forward. “IMMEDIATELY”



  • Provide recommendations that are easy to understand and implement.

  • Offer tips and tricks to measure and monitor ongoing progress.

  • Provide information business check list for management.

  • Answer any remaining questions that need to be addressed.

  • Collect feedback for the Dealers Technology session.

Call Dealers Technology Inc., Now @ 877-808-3966

Strategy Implementation Services

S. P. A .M.

(Structure, Process, and Auto Marketing)

Define and Build a Business Structure

Analyze Dealer and /or Dealer Group for a refined business STRUCTURE, a framework to sustain a flawless implementation of business processes for higher retail productivity.

Define and Build a Business Process

Analyze current process and recommend the best process to compliment the STRUCTURE already in place.

The refined PROCESS will enable your business foundation to be strong and will create viable solution to improve the business in volume and gross profit.

Guide in defining the right mix of Auto Marketing

Dealers Technology’s number one goal is to help your dealership or group dominate your market.  You will be second to none.

Our Goal is to achieve the highest level of ROI from all sources and advertising medium. Not only will Dealers Technology help you put a solid Structure and Processes in place to better handle the traffic, Dealers Technology will also help you reorganize and find the right mix of initiatives that provide the highest return across all your services and leads providers.

Call Dealers Technology Inc., Now @ 877-808-3966

Dealer Services Provided by Dealer Technology

  • Ongoing sales training

  • Internet department training

  • Training and mentoring Internet and E-Commerce Director

  • Monthly, bimonthly and quarterly dealership training

  • Conduct yearly kick off sessions for dealer groups

  • Mystery shopping via email communication

  • Mystery shopping via phone communication

  • Business best practices sessions

  • Blackberry integration and training

  • 2 day and 4 day internet boot camp every quarter

Call Dealers Technology Inc., Now @ 877-808-3966

Other Services Provided by Dealers Technology

  • NADA 20 Group presenter

  • Speaking engagement to dealer groups

  • Speaking engagements at National Automotive Conference

  • Unbiased recommendation of other services and products

  • Information technology analysis, strategy, and design

  • Ongoing management consultation – help you measure and manage.

  • On-site maintenance and support

  • Remote monitoring and support

Call Dealers Technology Inc., Now @ 877-808-3966

  • We are committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. We are an indispensable asset to hundreds of successful dealerships and mega dealer groups. We provide fixed and customized solutions for your needs.

  • Protect your business before it’s too late!

  • Discover the power that peace of mind can bring.

Call Dealers Technology Inc., Now @ 877-808-3966

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